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August 28, 2012
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Discord and Zero by Az-Pekt Discord and Zero by Az-Pekt
Drawn for Statued Discord ask-blog: [link]

Design of baby Discord belongs to :iconspiritto:

Русская версия: [link]
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I like this one! An overall great comic with an interesting punchline, although mistimed a little in the creation. Baby Discord has a nice amount of shine in his eyes, and quite a bit of determination in them too. It was a bit of a cliche that the teacher didn't have a name, but that was fine. A question I have is why is a draconequus like Discord in a class that appears to be taught by an earth pony? Wouldn't it be more fair if he was put in a class , say taught by a griffin and have classmates of chimeras and dragons, as they are more of his type of animal? Another thing is that Baby Discord has that Mini mane in the front that he does not have as a full adult. Great!
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Critique by zombieinferno32 Aug 28, 2012, 9:17:26 PM
Well. First things first,Vision. In my opinion for a rate on vision is how it came to the artist, now by the looks of this he found to favor Discord and wished to make an art, and it came out lovely and adorable so this comic earns my gratitude on a 3.5.,,,,,,,,,,Now for Originality in its looks probably you had help but all in all its still your original work so in my will you earn my 4 star.,,,,,,,,,,Now in Technique. Its Obvious you probably didint yous vectors (I usually recommend) but I'm not sure what technique you used but in the looks you did awesome so you earn my flawless rate of a 5 star.''''''''''''''''Now last but not least Impact. In its dialogue with the story looks to me as an adorable dialogue between Discord and on what I believe is Miss Cheerlie and because of her flank of a daisy on the last slide, so in my last rate you earn my Honest rate of a 4.5 star. Yours truly~~~Zombieinferno32
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